Discord Server
If you're looking for a means of contacting me / looking for updates that aren't posted here?

Join me in the discord server here. I'll try to post some thoughts on updates as they come with some sneak peeks for new content.

Also, if you have any ideas regarding what you would like to see within the game, feel free to leave a comment in the #suggestions channel.

Edit: Issue with invite link expiring when it shouldn't have. Updated link.
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1 year ago

Server Change
Seems all the technical issues have been resolved and honestly it doesn't come as a surprise that I haven't been focusing as much on this as I intended due to friends, etc.

Also been sidelined by all the server issues with the hosting & etc.

But yea, back online to at least keep you up to date on some developments.
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1 year ago

Production Environment
We will be changing the server to a new one as soon as our new provider contacts me locally.

In the meantime, I have been working on mini-games and easter eggs, of which I will not reveal at this time; they are secrets after all.

I do not want to provide an estimate for when the game will be back online but if you may remember, large parts of the game were incomplete when it was live previously.

Large sectors of the game weren't fully implemented and a lot of the ideas were halfassed.
This includes but is not limited to:

  • Syndicate - Don't think I need to explain this one.
  • Village Kages - Not much was implemented with this.
  • Chakra Beasts - Village defense mechanisms.
  • Village War - Alliances/Diplomacy mechanics.
  • Bloodline Releases - Were not fully implemented on things not custom
  • Bloodline Evolution - See above
  • Aspect Jutsu Training - One of the major overhauls I had wanted to do fell short in a lot of ways.

I am slowly working on implementing new features and upgrading the old core. I would really like to release the open alpha for this new core as soon as possible, but please bear with me.
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1 year ago